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We Are working with partners from Bulgaria, Indonesia, Malaysia, Shirilanka (Sri Lanka), Egypt, Brazil, China, Peru, Holland, Germany, Turkey and others. Our well established network of business relationships in Asia allows us to provide our customers a full range of services related to their needs and...
Bulgarian Spice Exchange Ltd & Contact VN Ltd – companies named & defined as a Wholesaler and retailer of large range of spices.

The group is based in Sofia, capital city of Bulgaria and has good built network warehouses in the all main cities of the whole country.
Product Name 01
Нова реколта на червен пипер
Published on: October 05, 2012

"Борса за подправки" събра успешно новата реколта 2012 собствено производство на червени пиперки сорт "Гороглед". Качественото на суровината се гарантира чрез избора на селектиран био-разсад и използването...
Product Name 01
Products № 1 - quality guarantee
Published on: June 19, 2012

  Product’s quality is a major priority for "Contact VN" Ltd company. Our long-standing experience, carefully selected and regularly inspected suppliers, permanent safety products control and timely...